Scratch, Begin Again

Scratch, Begin Again Scratch, begin again. Three simple little words. Yet they’re three words that can transform and shift everything, once you fully understand them and allow them to work their magic. What’s also incredible, is that even if you don’t believe in magic, the power of the words don’t require that belief. A Real-life [...]

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Bold Goals

Bold Goals Bold goals. The sub-4-minute mile. An end to apartheid. A man walking on the moon. All of these were once just an idea that someone believed they could make real, a goal to achieve. They may have started small, and they ended up as bold goals that shaped our world. It Can’t Be [...]

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Finding Your Tribes

Why Tribes? Have you ever found yourself sitting among a group of people, scratching your head and wondering how you ended up there with such strange people, why do you have difficulty relating to? Or maybe it’s the opposite; you think back to some people that whenever you were with them, it just felt ‘right,’ [...]

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