Power Networking

There have been numerous articles written about how to be effective at networking. If you search for "networking tips" on Google, you'll get 286 million results as of the writing of this blog. Many will agree that it’s a critical skill to be able to do well. We often don’t think about networking until we’re [...]

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The Choice is Yours

A few months ago our daughter turned six, and one of the things she had been asking for was to get her ears pierced. My wife and I discussed it at length, ultimately decided that we would leave the decision up to our daughter. We first sat down with her and took time to understand [...]

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Leadership, Lollipop Moments & Gratitude

Drew Dudley fundamentally changed my life. I haven’t met him in person (yet), though a couple years ago I happened across his TED talk titled Everyday Leadership. In it he shares a story of someone who tells him about the incredible impact he had on her life with one simple act of his. Ironically it was [...]

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