Just Ask

Just Ask Have you ever been frustrated when someone hasn’t delivered on your expectation? Maybe there’s someone in your life who continually falls short of the mark. If so, you’re not alone. And the news you may not want to hear? You may be part of the problem. We’ve all had an occasion in our [...]

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Vulnerability All right, here we go. Time to dive in. Be forewarned, you may want to be sitting down before you read this. Still here? Okay, then let’s get into some vulnerability. Let me begin by acknowledging publicly that I blame Brené Brown for this whole vulnerability thing that’s going on. Her 2010 TEDx Houston [...]

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Scratch, Begin Again

Scratch, Begin Again Scratch, begin again. Three simple little words. Yet they’re three words that can transform and shift everything, once you fully understand them and allow them to work their magic. What’s also incredible, is that even if you don’t believe in magic, the power of the words don’t require that belief. A Real-life [...]

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