“Dads are the leaders in their homes, and our kids need leaders.” –Greg Schiano, Head Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There is no instruction manual for life, and obstacles can pop up from every angle which seem to keep you from achieving the things you want to and creating the impact you want to have. So how do you gain clarity and focus? How do you craft your legacy? Coaching.

For me Daditude is about having it all – professional success, and real, deep, meaningful relationships with our families and communities. It isn’t a formula or prescription. It is a mindset and attitude that you will show up in powerful and meaningful ways for you each and every day; and then finding the way to make your own personal impact and legacy. At it’s core, Daditude is about how I show up and who I’m being. It’s not about making you a version of me, it’s about helping you discover the path to whatever version of you that you want to create. And it’s not just for men…it’s for anyone who is eager to make an impact in the world.

Daditude is the belief that the best gift we can give the people in our life is our attention and insight. It is about planting a seed and cultivating it every single day. All the while knowing that patience, consistency, and care will help something beautiful grow.

A young life, with an impressionable mind, is looking up to you, watching the examples you set, craving a strong and stable relationship with you, and needing your guidance and support. You have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself and give your child the tools they will later need to go out into the world and do amazingly great things. With that comes the opportunity to create your own personalized legacy to help make the world a better place.